Weekly Turkey Report (3-10 Sep.): Turkey-Egypt talks continue…Schools re-open…

Weekly Turkey Report (3-10 Sep.): Turkey-Egypt talks continue…Schools re-open…

Turkey and Egypt hold second round of political talks schools re-open for in-person education and more…

Turkey and Egypt held the second round of their political consultations.

 Egyptian officials arrived in Ankara after the first round of the meeting that took place in  Cairo on  May sixth.

During the first day of talks, the countries addressed bilateral matters.  And on the second day of talks on Wednesday the delegations Exchange views on regional issues.

After 8 years of tension between the two countries, Turkey and Egypt aim to improve and normalize relations on the basis of mutual benefit.

Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu also said his country takes “positive steps" to improve relations.


Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu pointed out the importance of taking joint action with the European Union to tackle the Afghan migrant crisis.

He criticized the EU for failing to properly implement the terms of the 2016 migrant pact and urge it to undertake burden-sharing responsibilities.

Stressing that Turkey cannot bear any additional burden  migration he, said the  EU needs to stop thinking that, migrants will not arrive because of COVID".

About the operation of the Kabul Airport, Çavuşoğlu said certain companies can be responsible for ensuring security, as the Taliban don’t want any foreign military presence.

He added that the Taliban needs to prove its reliability for the airport to be re-opened to international flights.


schools reopen for face-to-face education in Turkey, after a long period of online education during the pandemic.

About 18 million students and more than 1 million teachers across the country started to attend school with Covid-19 safety measures in place.

As part of COVID-19 measures, approximately 650 million liras were sent to schools for the mask, disinfectant, and cleaning needs, while 113,000 cleaning personnel were assigned.

The Education Ministry aset up a new electronic tracking system to track the health status of teachers and students.

With the system, the necessary notifications will be issued to the schools in cases of possible infection.


  Turkish Airlines and The Turkish Exporters Assembly signed a cooperation agreement to boost exports.

The “Air Cargo Cooperation Protocol,” was signed at the Trade Ministry headquarters in the capital Ankara.

With the cooperation, Turkish Cargo will apply a discount on shipments of perishable products such as eggs and fish to 28 destinations in 22 countries.

The agreement aims to provide exporters a suitable  cargo service that will accelerate the country’s foreign sales and add approximately $6 billion to the exports by the end of the year.


Turkey ends the Paralympics journey with a record of 15 medals.

2020 Paralympic Games conclude as the most successful in Turkeys’s history of competition.

A total of 87 Turkish athletes participated in 13 disciplines at this year’s event.

The national athletes won a total of  15 medals consisting of two gold, four silver, and nine bronze and surpass their previous record at the London 2012.

With this success, The Turkish paralympic team ranked 42nd in the international rankings led by China and Great Britain.


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