World Report (2-9 Oct ) Latest news in the world

World Report (2-9 Oct ) Latest news in the world

Settler brutalism on Palestinian goats… Dentist crisis arises in Britain… Church abuse scandal in France and more...

  • Jewish settlers’ brutalism this time targeted Palestinian goats

Jewish atrocities amongst the Palestinians took on a new shape. The Jewish settlers who attacked the Palestinians in the rural area of Mesafer Yatta region of Hebron, stabbed many goats belonging to the farmers and 4 animals perished. In the News that went viral last week, Jewish settlers attacked Palestinians by throwing stones in Mesafer Yatta in the afternoon injuring 12 people one of whom was a child.

The attackers also stoned Palestinian homes and vehicles. There are more than 450.000 illegal Jewish settlers in the West Bank, which Israel occupied in 1967. Under international law, all Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory are considered illegal.


  • Desperate mother pulled out 11 of her own teeth after waiting for six years!

In Britain problems had increased following Covid and Brexit, which has led to many non UK-resident dentists returning to their home countries. Dentists argue that the low rates they receive from the National Health System, and contract requirements including financial penalties make it difficult to provide treatment in a financially viable way.

Experts describe the NHS dental system as 'unquestionably broken and completely unsatisfactory.' As a result, Daniele Watts, a desperate mother, 42, pulled out 11 of her own teeth after developing severe gum disease because she couldn't find a NHS dentist for six years and couldn't afford private care.


  • ‘Longer Days and Longer Weekends plan’ is ready for the taking in Belgium

The Federal Government is discussing a proposal to shorten a full-time working week from five to four days in Belgium. A proposal was tabled by the liberals, aiming to make the working week more flexible: full-time employees would still work 38 or 40 hours, but spread over four days instead of five.

With the proposal, the government wants to encourage companies to introduce longer working days of 9.5 hours. In exchange, employees will get an extra day off. The Federal Government will discuss in which sectors the system could be introduced, and how to avoid making the working day too long.


  • Singapore robots in search for “undesirable behaviour” stoke fears of surveillance state

Singapore has trialled patrol robots that blast warnings at people engaging in “undesirable social behaviour”, adding to an arsenal of surveillance technology in the tightly controlled city-state. An autonomous robot named "Xavier" patrols a shopping and residential district during a three-week trial.

Robots on wheels, with seven cameras, that issue warnings to the public and detect “undesirable social behaviour”. This includes smoking in prohibited areas, improperly parking bicycles, and breaching coronavirus social-distancing rules. Singapore is frequently criticised for curbing civil liberties and people are accustomed to tight controls.

  • French Church abuse scandal: 216,000 children were victims of clergy since 1950

Some 216,000 children - mostly boys - have been sexually abused by clergy in the French Catholic Church since 1950, a damning new inquiry has found. The inquiry found the number of children abused in France could rise to 330,000, when taking into account abuses committed by lay members of the Church, such as teachers at Catholic schools. Most cases assessed by the inquiry are thought to be too old to prosecute under French law.

The head of the inquiry said there were at least 2,900-3,200 abusers, and accused the Church of showing a "cruel indifference towards the victims". Pope Francis "felt pain" on hearing about the inquiry's finding, a Vatican statement said.

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